About us We believe the fastest and most sustainable way to build our economy is to unleash its entrepreneurial potentials. And this begins with equipping people with the requisite skills to express their innovative and resilient spirit..

Our Story

We are driven by the passion to integrate human knowledge and support people to accomplish desired goal. Touching lives is our watch word.

As the name implies, DSIGATE: a gateway to a productive nation. We are set to embrace laudable approach to make people from all part of the world learn a skill and thus become productive. In other words we believe each learner on our site will become productive and thus adding value to the nation.

More so, education is expensive, but knowledge is free. We therefore have learn to make knowledge available to millions through free educational method and thus filling the vacuum of scarcity of knowledge and skills.

Over the years we have done physical training for millions in Nigeria and are still contributing our quota to keep up the trend of passing the knowledge across board.

We so much look to productivity of African nations and eradicate the philosophy of head knowledge but creativity and productivity.

Therefore you will agree this is indeed the gateway to productivity of every nation that its people so wish to learn from us. We are: the hope, the strength, and the future.

Our Objective

  • Reduce overreliance on government.
  • Encourage individual productivity.
  • Facilitate economic growth and expansion.
  • Curb social vices that stem from disengagement
  • Make knowledge free
  • Make Learning Easy
  • Build an Awesome Community
  • Foster financial independence.